1 – What are the precious materials uses for my jewel?

Your jewel is made of sterling silver 925
You can choose among several silver colors :
SILVER silver 925
ROSE silver 925 gold plated 18ct pink rosé
YELLOW silver 925 gold plated 18ct yellow
BLACK silver 925 ruthenium plated

The stones of your jewels are all fines stones carefully sorted and coming from qualifies site.They are also organic gemstones as amber, coral,mother of pearl or pearl.
Zircon is a natural stone.

2 – How my jewel is made?

Each jewel is handmade on order in our studio in Milan , Italy , by qualified and passionate craftsman.
They present the defects and the imperfections of a handmade work.

3 – How to choose the size of my jewel?

All our creations are adjustable.
Bracelets are 16,5cm length + 3cm extension. Total : 19,5cm
Necklaces are 39cm length + 3cm extension Total : 42cm
Sautoirs come with a 3 cm extension.
All our rings are open to size the finger :
– minimum : 51 ( 11 italian , 5,5 us,16mm diam)
-maximum : 59 (19 ITALIAN, 8 2/3 US, 19mm diam)
-minimum : 53 (13 italian, 6,5 US, 17mm diam)
-maximum : 60 (20 italian, 9 US, 19mm diam)

4 – What is the prize of my personal jewel? 

The price of your personalized jewel is displays when you choose your color stone and your color silver.The final price is the one in your basket.
It doesn’t include the delivery price.

5 – How works the delivery?

You will be delivered to the address that you will have indicated in « DELIVERY ADRESS » during the checkout.
The delivery company may be DHL, FEDEX,your local post or a private delivery company.
We do not use « POINT RELAY”

6 – What is the delivery time?

Each piece of jewelry is customized according to your wishes and your choices. It takes from 2 to 7 days to produce your custom jewel.


Express: 24h/36h (islands 72h)

France + EU:

Poste Italiane international: 7 working days

International Express European Union: 48h

7 – Where can i buy Deisderia Milano?

You can order on our website: www.alexiane-bijoux.com
To know your closest stockist , please find an e-mail to : [email protected]

8 – Mon bijou personnalisé peut-il être échangé ou remboursé?

We are a story but your custom jewel can’t be refunded ou exchanged at any time.
A custom a jewel is a jewel with you chosen the color of the silver or the color of pearl , or both .

9 – How should i care for my jewel?

Sterling Silver 925
A black tarnish can appear on your jewel.It’s normal because the silver tends to oxidized. You can remove the silver oxide with a polishing cloth (anti-tarnish and anti-oxidant). lightly buff it over your jewel until it is glossy and bright.
Sterling Silver 925 gold plated (rose o yellow), Black ruthenium :
The plating is very delicate.It may deteriorate with water,sea water,perfumes,creams,makeup,alcohol-based products, by another piece of jewel , by another metals, and also by the skin acidity.

We recommended you to take off your jewel : before dressing or undressing, take a shower, to sleep, to play sports and work out.
We recommande you to avoid : water,seawater, perfumes, creams, makeup, alcohol-based products.

The skin acidity :
Skin discoloration happens when too much acid in your body causes your skin to react with your jewel. Cleaning your jewel frequently should prevent this reaction.


10 – My jewel is broken , what do i have to do ?

Our jewels are guaranteed 6 months if it’s a manufacturing defect.

Before to send us back your jewel, please :
1-Send us an email explaining the problem.
2-When we mail you back you gonna have a repair number.You have to send us back your jewel with the invoice and the pouche.
3-At the reception of your parcel and after our expertise, we will send you an email to offer you a solution

If the break result from a manufacturing defect , you’ll get a 30% discount on your next purchase.