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This site is operated by the company
2 0 1 5 1 M I L A N
VAT NUMBER: IT09002370964

Scope of application:
These general conditions of sale apply to all orders
placed on the ALEXIANE BIJOUX site by non-trading
individuals for any of the items offered on the site
WWW.ALEXIANE-BIJOUX.COM. Consequently, the fact of any
person ordering a product offered for sale on the
WWW.ALEXIANE-BIJOUX.COM site implies full acceptance of
these general terms and conditions of sale of which the
Customer acknowledges being aware before ordering.
WWW.ALEXIANE-BIJOUX.COM reserves the right to amend these
general conditions of sale at any time. However, the
General Conditions of Sale that apply to an order placed
by a Customer on the WWW.ALEXIANE-BIJOUX.COM Site will be
those accepted by the Customer at the time of placing its

Clause 1: PRICE
Prices for products and services
Product and service offers are valid for as long as they
are visible on the site.
The prices of the products and services indicated on the
product pages of the www.ALEXIANE-BIJOUX.com Site are
exclusive of delivery charges and any additional special
services which you may have subscribed to (e.g. parcel
tracking by SMS).
The applicable delivery charges for products ordered on
the Site are listed on the following page: DELIVERY

Clause 2: ORDERS
The availability of the products as well as the delivery
time is displayed on the Site, on each product page.
In the event that, after your order, a product or service
becomes totally or partially unavailable, ALEXIANE BIJOUX
will notify you that it is unavailable by email and will
give you the possibility to:
Either, should you accept, have delivered a
product or a service of a quality and a price
equivalent to that ordered;
Or be reimbursed for the price of the product or
service ordered
2.1. How to place orders
It is possible to order from ALEXIANE BIJOUX online on the
www.ALEXIANE-BIJOUX.com site
ALEXIANE BIJOUX cannot accept orders sent by post or
When placing your order, you must confirm your order
using the “double-click” technique: i.e., after
selecting the products added to your cart, you must
check and if necessary correct the contents of your cart
(including, but not limited to, identification and
quantity of the selected products, corresponding prices,
terms and cost of delivery), before confirming your
choice, accepting these Terms and Conditions, and your
obligation to pay for the order, and thereby confirming
acceptance of your order.
All orders imply acceptance of the prices and the
descriptions of the products on sale.
For KID products, the user can then enter a word or a
first name to personalise their bracelet using the field
“Notes and instructions”
2.2 Registration of orders
After your order is placed, ALEXIANE BIJOUX will
acknowledge receipt by sending you an Order Confirmation
Email including the summary of your order, the order
number and these General Terms and Conditions and will
then validate your order definitively by sending you an
Order Validation Email.
ALEXIANE BIJOUX reserves the right to not validate your
order for any legitimate reason and in particular if:
it would not be in accordance with these T&Cs;
one of your previous orders has not been paid for in
full by the due date for payment;
a dispute relating to payment of one of your previous
orders is being processed;
several serious and corroborating facts have led to a
suspicion of fraud with respect to your order.
These emails are sent to the email address you use to
identify yourself in your Customer Area.
Note: If you do not receive one of the two emails above, we
recommend that you contact us by sending an email to:
[email protected]

ALEXIANE BIJOUX may offer the following methods of payment:
-Credit/Debit card
Payment in cash or by cheque is not accepted.
The amount owed by the customer is the amount indicated in
ALEXIANE BIJOUX’s order confirmation. In order to ensure
that payments are secure, the ALEXIANE-BIJOUX.COM site
uses payment services secured by Stripe or PayPal; Payment
is made online on the www.ALEXIANE-BIJOUX.com website by
Credit/Debit Card (Debit card, Visa, Eurocard/ Mastercard)
or through the user’s PayPal account.
In all cases, ALEXIANE BIJOUX reserves the right to
refuse any order or delivery in the event that there is
an existing dispute with the customer, an order has not
been paid for or has not been paid for in full, a payment
by credit or debit card has been refused or in respect of
any other reason that ALEXIANE BIJOUX reserves the right
to explain to its customer.
ALEXIANE BIJOUX cannot under any circumstances be held
liable in this respect.
When an order is validated, the payment request is routed
in real time to the secure payment handler. The payment
handler issues an email confirmation.
In all cases the online provision of a credit/debit card
number and the final validation of the order will be
proof in full of the order and the sums incurred by the
entry of the items appearing on the order form will
become payable. This validation counts as signature and
express acceptance of all the operations carried out on
the site. However, in the event that the customer’s
credit/debit card is used fraudulently, the customer is
invited, upon discovery of such use, to contact ALEXIANE
BIJOUX customer services by sending an e-mail to
[email protected]
The computer records, stored in the computer systems of
the company ALEXIANE BIJOUX and its partners under
reasonable security conditions, will be considered proof
of communication, orders and payments between the parties.
In all cases, the validation of the order, where payment
is made by credit/debit card directly on the site counts
as signature and express acceptance of all operations
carried out on the site.

1. Shipping and Carriers
ALEXIANE BIJOUX offers delivery directly to your home or
to the address of your choice.
DHL, FedEx, the Post Office of your country or a private
carrier will be used.
Delivery of certain products or to certain areas may give
rise to an additional invoice (the carriers call them
“the remote areas”).In such cases, this information will
be communicated to you by email within 24 hours of
validation of your purchase.
The cost of delivery is indicative only and may vary
from one area to another. ALEXIANE BIJOUX is not liable
for any variations in cost.
ALEXIANE BIJOUX is subject to the delivery cost of each
2. Delivery date
For delivery in Europe our carriers guarantee a time
limit of 72 hours. The delivery time does not include the
days for production of the item you have ordered: if
“shipped in 8 working days” is written on the sale page
of the item ordered, those 8 days do not take into
account delivery, but represent the date of departure of
your parcel from our workshop. To these 8 days for
manufacture are added the 72 hours for delivery.
The 72-hour period is for orders before noon. If an order
is made after noon, the 72-hour delivery is calculated
from the next day. Parcels leave our workshop every day at
The 72 hours are calculated as working days. They do not
include Saturday, Sunday, and bank holidays.
If your order contains several products with different
delivery times, the delivery time of your order will be the
longest delivery time.
3. Late delivery
ALEXIANE BIJOUX will endeavour to inform you of any delay
in delivery of the products you have ordered. You can also
report any delay in delivery by sending an e-mail to
ALEXIANE BIJOUX undertakes to take the necessary steps
to determine the cause of delay and to find an adequate
solution for the effective delivery of the ordered
products as soon as possible.
In the event that, after your order, a product or service
becomes totally or partially unavailable, ALEXIANE BIJOUX
will notify you of the unavailability by email and will give
you the possibility to:
Either, should you accept, have delivered a product
or a service of a quality and a price equivalent to
that ordered;
Or be reimbursed for the price of the goods or
services ordered at the latest within 30 days of
payment for the order.

CLAUSE 5: Customs Duties
Any order placed on the site and delivered outside Italy
may be subject to taxes and customs duties which are
imposed when the parcel reaches its destination. These
customs duties and any taxes linked to the delivery of
an item are payable by the customer and are the
responsibility of the customer. ALEXIANE BIJOUX is
under no obligation to verify and inform its customers
of the applicable customs duties and taxes. To find out
about them, the member must make inquiries of the
relevant authorities in its country.

The language of these general conditions of sale is
Italian (they have been translated and transcribed in
French and English for reasons of convenience for our
customers and they are here translated from the French
version and transcribed in English).This contract is
governed by Italian law. In the case of dispute with a
customer, the Italian courts will have exclusive

When receiving your parcel, if you find that it is damaged or
crushed, has been opened or ripped, or that there are parts
torn off or holes: PLEASE REFUSE IT. All parcels leave our
workshop in impeccable condition.
In all cases please contact Customer Services VIA EMAIL:
[email protected] as soon as possible.
Parcels must be delivered to you PERSONALLY. In no case
should they be left with concierge, a neighbour, a friend
or an acquaintance and they must not be posted through a
If a damaged parcel has been left in your mailbox or with
your caretaker, the parcel is considered “accepted as is”.
If no reservations have been made, we will not be able to
take into account any disappearances or provide
ALEXIANE BIJOUX is therefore not liable in the case of
excessive delays in delivery due to postal services or
means of transport, in the case of loss of the ordered
products or due to strike.
Transport risks are borne by the customer, who must make a
justified complaint to the postal services or to the carrier,
within three working days of delivery.
Despite all the care taken by ALEXIANE BIJOUX in the
preparation of parcels, it is possible that a product
will be missing. Similarly, after transporting the
parcel, a product may turn out to be defective. That is
why, upon receipt of the order, the customer needs to
check the conformity of the products received.
It is imperative that any fault concerning delivery (a
missing or broken product, a damaged parcel) is notified, on
the same day of receipt or no later than the first working
day following receipt, to ALEXIANE BIJOUX customer services
by registered mail (addressed to ALEXIANE BIJOUX VIA DEI
Any complaint made after this deadline will be rejected
and ALEXIANE BIJOUX will be released from all liability.
ALEXIANE BIJOUX reserves the right to ask the customer
to return the defective product. If the aforementioned
conditions are met, ALEXIANE BIJOUX will then provide
an exchange, reimburse the defective Product(s) or
resend the missing product (subject to the Buyer’s
request being valid).

ALEXIANE BIJOUX shall not be held liable for the nonperformance
of any of its obligations under the contract of
sale if the non-performance is linked to the occurrence of a
force majeure event.

All non-personalised products can be exchanged or
refunded. The exchange or refund must take place within
7 days from the date of receipt or collection and the
return of the item(s) within this period must in all
cases be accompanied by the invoice of the item in its
original packaging to the following address: ALEXIANE BIJOUX
It is essential that the customer requests a return by
email at [email protected] to obtain
authorisation for the return.
The seller will refuse any damaged item that has not been
the subject of comments or express reservations by the
customer at the point of delivery.
To be accepted by ALEXIANE BIJOUX the items must be
returned in their original state without having been worn.
Only items returned in their original packaging (fabric
pouches) will be accepted. As a result, returns of worn
items as well as damaged packaging will be refused.
ALEXIANE BIJOUX thus reserves the right to accept or
refuse the item being returned depending on whether it is
in good condition or not. All items are subject to a
guaranty. The user benefits from a guarranty in respect of
the items, enabling the user to return defective items that
have been delivered for 10 days after the delivery.
The guaranty is not a warranty. The guaranty is the proof
that your jewel had been done by handcraftmen with genuine
• Custom jewel Exchange : All the customs items from the
www.ALEXIANE-BIJOUX.com site can’t be exchanged. A custom
jewel is a jewel which you choose the color of the silver ,
or the color of the stone when you do the order or the both
color silver and stones.
• Jewel exchange : If your jewel is not a custom jewel.All
you have to do is mention the item you want in exchange in
your request for a return : send us an email at
[email protected]. We will agree it upon receipt
of your return, subject to availability. If the new order
costs more, the customer must pay (by paypal or credit card)
the balance before the exchange. On the other hand, if the
price for the exchange is less than the original price, the
customer will receive a refund of the difference directly to
its bank or PayPal account depending on the method of
payment chosen by the user when purchasing the item. To
return an item, simply follow the instructions below:
– Send an e-mail to [email protected] and wait
for authorisation to return the item. WITHOUT
exchange or refunds.
1.Use the original packaging to return the product.
2.Send your parcel to the following address: ALEXIANE BIJOUX VIA FRUA 21/6 20146 MILAN ITALY.
– Reimbursement: Refunds will only be considered in the case
of a problem with the delivered product. If the product
shows a defect, or something breaks within 10 days, a
refund can also be requested within 10 days from the date
of receipt of your complaint, if it was purchased from the
website www .ALEXIANE-BIJOUX.com.
– ALEXIANE BIJOUX reserves the right to judge a product as
defective, on the basis of the customer’s explanations. For
KID products the product will be considered defective if
there is a clean break to the metal wire without any
abnormal bending of the letters which make up the bracelet
and without the metal wire having been severed by a sharp
or cutting object. ALEXIANE BIJOUX agrees to refund within
a maximum period of 30 days by credit/debit card or cheque
as the customer desires. If you wish to have your item
refunded, send an e-mail to hello@alexiane-bjoux.
com.Give your name, surname, telephone number, order
number and the reason for your return. Return the parcel by
post to the ALEXIANE BIJOUX logistics centre at the
following address: ALEXIANE BIJOUX VIA rua 21/6 20146
– Please note that we do not accept parcels sent with postage
due. Note: You will be re-credited the amount of your
order, minus the initial delivery costs. The customer must
however return the item as it is in its original packaging
and it must be returned with the authorisation of ALEXIANE
BIJOUX and the return number included in the parcel to
confirm the specific date of its return. In all cases, any
request for exchange or refund will have to be made by email
[email protected].

1. Collection and use of your personal data
ALEXIANE BIJOUX is responsible for processing your
personal data.
The information you provide to us in connection with your
orders is for ALEXIANE BIJOUX’s purposes and is used for the
processing and follow-up of your orders, the after-sales
service for the products ordered on our Site and the
management of marketing and customer relations in relation to
your customer account.
Your information may be passed on to ALEXIANE BIJOUX
providers for the purpose of processing orders and aftersales
service and for managing marketing and customer
relations, it being specified that some of these providers
are located outside the European Union. We assure you in this
respect that we have taken the necessary measures to ensure
that this transfer of data complies with the law, in
particular by completing the appropriate formalities with the
CNIL (National commission for data protection).
Your information may also be communicated to our partners for
the purposes of prospecting offline, in particular for postal
or telephone canvassing. You may object to this
communication, while providing proof of identity, by mail
addressed to:
20151 MILAN
2. Right to object to, correct or delete your
personal data
In accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection
Act you have at all times a right to access, object to,
correct and delete your personal data held by ALEXIANE
BIJOUX, by writing by mail and providing proof of
identity to:
F R U A 2 1 / 6
2 0 1 4 6 M I L A N

To contact ALEXIANE BIJOUX customer services, please send
an e-mail to: [email protected]
or a letter to:
Represented by Alexianne Rival Casagrande as
2 0 1 5 1 M I L A N
VAT NUMBER: IT09002370964