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Alexiane Rival

Alexiane Bijoux is a young jewelry brand created in September 2017 by Alexiane Rival. Born into a family of diamond jewelers, it is an artistic and creative universe that opens up to her. Dreamy and romantic, her education will be the discovery of a world bathed in travel and art.

“And what could be more beautiful than an incredible piece of jewelery executed in the finest jewelery know-how?”

Alexiane Rival

A collector grandfather, fascinated by Art Nouveau and the Bauhaus school, which from an early age will screen him diamonds negotiated in Antwerp. These little sieve boxes are still on his desk today and serve as a paperweight. Like a nod to this man who will teach him everything about the diamond trade.

Alongside “this strict and rigorous education, Alexiane will be fostered by her grandmother, bohemian and extravagant, descendant of a large antique family. The sure and committed taste of this visionary female figure is still a precious opinion for Alexiane today.


It didn't take more for a vocation to emerge, a religion as she herself defines it. If you ask her what job she wanted to do as a child, her answer is vague, obvious and spontaneous: "I never asked myself the question, jewelry, precious stones, I was born in it, it's my environment, my daily, my life ”.
Already a little girl, she had fun customizing her mother's adornments, a ribbon here, a trinket there. For her, jewelry is synonymous with joy, fantasy, pleasure and love.
After having obtained the famous GIA GRADUATE GEMOLOGIST PROGRAM (the holy grail in the profession) and the HRD Antwerp certified Diamond Grader, she promotes for almost 10 years different jewelry and jewelry designers.

But it will be the meeting with her husband, which will make her take an important turning point in her career. Convinced of her sure taste and professionalism, he encouraged her to create her own fashion house of small jewelry: Alexiane Bijoux was born.
Passionate about the Ancien Régime, flowers and literature, the eclecticism of this young woman is felt even in her creations. Her love for jewelry design is absolute. The fantasy and rigor which are its leitmotivs are felt even in its collections.